Hello and welcome! I'm Ella
Your privacy is extremely important to me, so let me explain how I handle the data you share with me
What I Collect & Why:
When you chat with me, I take note of our chat histories, your IP address, device type, and browser type. This helps me provide better service. Don't worry; I only hold onto this information as long as needed to support my operations
Your Anonymity & The Data:
You might notice I never ask you to sign up or register – that's because I want you to remain anonymous. Even though I gather some data that could possibly identify you, I make sure to anonymize it so it doesn’t reveal your personal identity
How I Protect Your Data:
I’m very careful with your data. Every time we talk, our conversation is encrypted through HTTPS protocols. This means the information you share with me is protected. But remember, while I strive to be as secure as possible, no online platform is completely invulnerable
Sharing Data:
Here's a promise: I never share our chat histories or any other data with outsiders. Although I do suggest products via Amazon.com affiliate links, I never share any data with Amazon. If you decide to click on those links and chat with Amazon, any data you share there is between you and them
About Cookies:
I use cookies to function properly. Without them, our interactions might not be as smooth or might not work at all. If you decide to turn off cookies in your browser, just know that I might not be able to assist you the way I’d like to
Your Rights & Control:
You have the right to see our chat history or ask me to delete it. If you make such a request, I’ll make sure to respond within 30 days
Age & Where You Can Use Me:
I'm here to help everyone, regardless of age. But if you’re younger than 13, please chat with me only if you have permission from a parent or guardian. I'm available worldwide, but in some places, there might be restricted access due to local rules
Changes in How I Work:
If I change the way I do things, especially regarding your data, I'll let you know right away
Affiliations & Payments:
If you make a purchase using the Amazon.com links in our chat, I might earn a small commission. Just so you know, I don’t have control over product details or availability on Amazon
My Role & Disclaimer:
I’m here to give recommendations. So if you decide to buy something based on my suggestions, the responsibility is yours. Also, always remember that once you leave our chat and engage with third parties, I have no control over them or their products
Updates to My Privacy Policy:
From time to time, I might update this Privacy Policy. I'll always display the latest version here and update the 'Effective Date' above. If you'd like, you can subscribe to updates and stay in the loop!
Let's Talk!
If you have questions or feedback about this policy or any data concerns, feel free to drop a message at Contact@EllaTheGiftFinder.com
Your trust means the world to me. Now lets find that perfect gift.